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IVF meds



hello ill make it short can u take gonalf and follistim in the same cycle? are they the same? also im on my third cycle thee others failed with grade a and b eggs 23 recoved 19 fertilized two was used both cycle no more eggs have to start over fresh but what can be done or advice im 28yrs blk female no tubes removed last yr cause of std everything come back normal my husband healthy with 5 kids youngs 6 we been trying for 4 yrs nothing everything come back great but there no stikcking just a lil advice of what to look out for or ask my doctor thanks.


Yes, follistim and gonal F are different brands of a fertility shot which act in a similar manner.  It sounds as if you have produced large numbers of eggs, but do not extra embryos for freezing.  If you actually had 19 eggs fertilized, but still did not have enough good quality embryos to freeze, you might try a day 3 transfer instead of day 5.  We tend to freeze at the fertilized egg stage which would also increase the chances that you will have extra embryos for freezing.  Our success rates are quite good using this method of early freezing.

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