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Methacholine challenge/ Advair



Hi Doc,

Recently, I had a methacholine challenge that turned out completely normal(no asthma), but I had only stopped using my Advair 36 hours in advance. Do you think the advair had enough time to clear out of my system before taking the test?

The respiratory technician who performed the test said to stop Advair 24 hours before the MC, so I thought that I`d give it a bit more time. By stopping 36 hours ahead of the test, do you think that it could have altered the results(false negative)??



In our facility we recommend stopping the Advair or other inhaled steroid 24 hours in advance.  We also recommend no short acting rescue medication (albuterol) at least 6 hours before the test.  Also no smoking for 12 hours and no caffeine 6 hours prior to testing.

Stopping the Advair 36 hours before the test would have allowed adequate time for "wash-out".

A negative test virtually eliminates the possibility of asthma if the pretest recommendations are followed.  Therefore, it is important to follow-up with your provider to discuss other conditions which can mimic asthma. 

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Cathy   Benninger, RN, MS, APRN, C-AE Cathy Benninger, RN, MS, APRN, C-AE
Clinical Assistant Professor
Director, OSU Asthma Center Educational Program
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University