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Lung Cancer

Lung nodules



Sir,Over the past year I have 2 ct scans and one pet scan of the chest,results are showing new 5 mm nodules in right upper and left lower lungs.I have been experiencing shortness of breath and also wheezing when lying down for about 6 months now.I have had a breathing test and nuclear stress test which both were negative.I am a 4 year Malt Lymphoma survivor.Should I be concerned about these lung changes or would you say its asthma? My Next CT is due in August.Thanks Doc...


Multiple small nodules may represent an infection, however, with your past history of MALT lymphoma they can be worrisome. If the lesions are not disappearing and getting bigger you may want to consult a pulmonologist to review the CT and to consider the need for a bronchoscopy for possible biopsy or washing of the lung or a surgical biopsy to determine if there is any recurrence of lymphoma. A 5mm nodule normally does not light up on PET scan. Not sure if your treatment regimen included radiation, which may cause shortness of breath as well as some similar changes on CT scan. I don't think asthma alone can explain those nodular findings.

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Shaheen  Islam, MD, MPH Shaheen Islam, MD, MPH
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Pulmonary, Allergy, Critical Care & Sleep
College of Medicine
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