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Digestive Disorders

Constant Stomach Pain



My 30 yr old husband has constant stomach pain over the past 2 years. We have seen many western doctors and Chinese doctors but there seem to be not much improvement. Recently the stomach pain is back for 2 weeks already and we are at a loss what to do now.

The symptoms are: upper center abdominal pain pain after consuming food and middle of night around 2 plus am will wake up from sleep will have slight fever sometimes when the stomach pain occurs weight loss 2 weeks ago is 56kg now is 53kg

OGD and colonscopy done in 2008, and everything was normal so the doctors diagnosed him with irritable bowel sydnome, but that time no pain after consuming food only pain in middle of the night. Recently went to do blood test and x ray in accident and emergency department in hospital and the doctor prescribed him with painkillers and asked him to go home.

Have booked an appointment with the gastroenterology department only in 1st September 2009. What should we do now?

Hope to receive your reply ASAP.


Nothing jumps to my mind with the history you have given. Had you not had an EGD or colonoscopy, I would have recommended one. I would try to get an appointment sooner than September 1 and consider a second opinion if not done already.

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