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Can allerges cause laryngitis?



I was having major seasonal allergy probs for about 3 weeks, then my voice started getting hoarse and then for the past 3 days I lost it entirely, I totally can`t make a sound at all. My regular dr retired and I don`t have another one yet so I went to immediate care. They told me I have laryngitis and if it isn`t better in 2-3 weeks come back. I don`t think they really listened when I said I had 3 weeks of terrible allergies leading up to it. Can allergies cause this kind of laryngitis or is the laryngitis probably from something else? They said not to take antihistamines because that makes laryngitis worse but what about for the allergies, my eyes won`t stop watering and my sinuses feel like they`re going to explode, can`t I take antihistamines for that even if I have laryngitis from something else?


Certainly nasal congestion and chronic post-nasal drainage can cause or aggravate laryngitis.  This can be due to an allergic as well as a non-allergic rhinitis condition.  You should see an allergist who can appropriately diagnose this condition and treat it accordingly.  In the mean time, try some over the counter saline nasal washes twice a day and see if this helps. 

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