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Dental Anesthesia




I am not familiar with Septocaine and after reading a previous submitted question, would like to know more, before my daughter has her appointment. Is epinephrine always a component of it? Is it commonly used for children? What would be the proper dosage for a 39 lb. child? Can I tell her dentist which anesthesia I want them to use?


Septocaine is the brand name of articaine and is safe for children but some dosing issues are present. The medication comes as a 4% solution with epinephrine (which is good assuming your daughter is reasonably healthy and not allergic to sulfites). Due to the higher concentration solution, a maximum of 3 ml should be used (based on an absolute maximum of 7 mg/kg) at any one time. This is a little less than two standard dental cartridges. For added safety, a little less can be used. 

It is fine to discuss which local anesthesia you want used for your child.  If the plan is infiltration anesthesia for a lower tooth, atricaine may be preferred.   Personally, for all other injections, I would recommend 2% lidocaine with epinephrine.  

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