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Periods after chemical pregnancy (IVF)



How long does it take someone to get back to "regular" periods after a chemical pregnancy (from IVF)? 1st period/early miscarriage was heavy and 9 days. 2nd was very light; 3rd, a month later, still very light (1 day bleeding; 2 days spotting.) This was 2nd full IVF (i.e. to transfer)but with much higher dosage of puregon (2.5 as high as first IVF) so maybe that has something to do with it. I had no chem pregnancy or irregular period after 1st IVF. Just waiting for things to be back on track. Prior to IVF, regular periods, lasting about 5 days. Thank you! :)


After an early miscarriage, your menstrual periods should return to normal within one to two cycles. The previous IVF cycles should not affect this. If your menses are much lighter than normal three cycles after a chemical pregnancy, you should return to your reproductive endocrinologist so that the reason for this can be determined. It is possible that something has changed hormonally since before your last IVF cycle. Your light menstrual periods are not likely to be related to the medications you took to stimulate your ovaries or your chemical pregnancy. However, your light periods, the need for higher doses of medication for IVF, and your recent chemical pregnancy could all be related to the same underlying hormonal problem or to decreased ovarian reserve.

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