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Kidney Diseases

Colon Blockage and Kidney Creatinine



What is the relationship between a colon blockage and kidney creatinine levels?


It depends what you mean by "blockage."  If you mean blockage because of constipation, there's probably not much connection, unless the person doesn't feel well with the constipation and isn't eating or drinking and becomes dehydrated.  That could cause the creatinine level to rise a little (but probably by no more than 1 or 2). 

If the blockage is due to colon cancer, or to something outside of the colon that presses on it and blocks it, then the same disease process could be also blocking the ureters, which are the slender tubes that bring urine from the kidneys to the bladder.  This can cause the creatinine to rise, and can also cause permanent kidney damage if not quickly corrected.  This type of blockage can be diagnosed by an imaging study such as an ultrasound.

If you can write back with more details of the condition you are talking about, perhaps I can give you a more helpful answer.

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