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Vascular Surgery

Can broken glass travel through your veins?



Two days ago I was tapping on our living room window with an open hand. Suddenly the glass in the window broke. It`s the old razor sharp glass from 1945. I found a piece in the palm of my hand and pulled it out, then rinsed my hand under water, looked for more and bandaged my hand to stop the bleeding. I lightly pressed the spot and felt no pain. I have babied my hand and not used it ever since. Now, two days later while washing my hands I felt a real sharp strong pain in my palm. Now three hours later I still feel some pain even thought I am not using my hand except to slowly type this question. If I close my hand just a little I feel the pain more. I know I have a sharp piece of glass still there, but I`m afraid to go to the doctor for fear of what they will do. Can you tell me how a physician would remove the glass? What can I expect them to do? If I know in advance, it will help. Also, can they put me to sleep?


Hello, A doctor would need to inspect the wound for glass. Sharp pains over an area of injury is typical often being most annoying 24-48 hrs after injury. Infection is also a source of pain. Your tetanus status should be up to date - all the more reason to see your physician. Good luck!

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