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Allergies or sinuses and canker sore



A few days ago, either my allergies or sinuses started to act up. That same day I got an ear infection and my gums started to swell. I rinsed my mouth with Listerine, and I discovered 2 canker sores, one located on my gums and the other underneath my tongue. Is it possible for either allegies or sinus infection to trigger canker sores?


The canker sores could have been from a viral infection most likely.  However, allergies can triggers nasal, eye and ear symptoms as well.  It is also important to recognized that up to 75% of patients with chronic rhinitis (inflammation of the nose) have a non-allergic component which can cause many of the same symptoms people with true allergies experience.  You should see a board certified qualified allergist for further evaluation if these problems recur and/or are persistent. 

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