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Sports Medicine

Bruised bone treatment?



My foot was pinned between two objects and I suffered what felt like bruising to the middle of my lower leg. There is a little discoloration but not much that looks like a bruise. It does not hurt at all unless I aggravate it by touching (grabbing my ankle, pressing on it) and it does not hurt to walk at all. However if I bump the area, or if I take ahold of it to put on a shoe or something, then I suffer sudden extreme pain. Could it be a bruised bone and if so, what should I do? The injury occured 11 days ago.


Using the "Search" feature of the NetWellness website, typing in "bone contusion" provides 15 results, and typing in "bruised bone" yields 183 results. Please consider this option to provide you with a wealth of information on this topic.

For persisting symptoms, to obtain a definite diagnosis and an appropriate treatment plan, you are strongly encouraged to consult with a physician.

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