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Kidney Diseases

Renal Kidney Disease



I have had some dull back pain for the past 3 months. Urine and blood tests have both come back as "normal" and my doctor sent me for a kidney ultrasound. After receiving the results, he suggested "renal kidney disease" and referred me to a specialist. I have made an appointment, but first availability is a month from now. While the back pain is very tolerable, I`m concerned about the original diagnosis. I`m a 39 year old male that is otherwise healthy but I have severe allergies to hardwood pollen. The back pain set in at the onset of pollen season and my allergy symptons seemed more severe this year then past. Could there be a connection?


Since "renal" and "kidney" mean the same thing, I'm not sure what your doctor means.  In any case, "kidney disease" is not a diagnosis, but simply means that something is wrong with your kidneys.  From the info that you provide, it is not clear that anything is wrong, and it is also likely that the back pain is not caused by your kidneys.  See the link below to our article on kidney pain for a description of pain that is actually caused by the kidneys.

Since your kidney ultrasound report was apparently abnormal, you should ask for a copy of your ultrasound report and ask your doctor to discuss it with you, if he is able to.  Or if you care to write back with the results, I can try to provide a little more information for you.  It would also be helpful to me to know: what were your BUN and creatinine (from the blood tests), and what were the exact urine test results? 

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