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Kidney Diseases

Sharp Pain in Lower Right Flank Area



I just went to the Doctor for extremely swollen ankles 2-3 times the normal size he prescribed me TRIAMTERENE37.SMG/HCTZ25MG CAPS I have been on this for 10 days the last 2 days my lower right flank area is killing me. Over the last year I have had a couple urinary infections.  Should I see a doctor?


Yes, you should definitely be under the care of a doctor (internist or family physician) at this time.  You need evaluation to determine why your ankles are so swollen (possibilities include heart failure, kidney disease, liver disease, and problems with the veins in your legs).  The right flank pain is not necessarily kidney-related, but sounds like it also needs some testing.  If you have not been checked for diabetes and hypertension, you certainly should be tested for both at this time.

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