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Pain Management

What can be done to help with foot pain?



I`ve had three surgeries on 1st MTP joint. The second was to fuse the joint using a plate and four screws. I was in constant pain and went frequently to the surgeon who would x-ray my foot and tell me everything was healed. After nine months I had a podiatrist take out the hardware which she found to be too large for the area. That was six months ago and I still can`t walk without crutches or put my full weight on my foot. She says I have RSD and is sending me to pain management but I can`t get in until August 14th. I use a pwer chair in the house but crutches outside. The pain is getting to me. I am allergic or have been dependent on too many drugs so I take an ultram once in a while. I`m in a pool therapy program which is great for the rest of me but my foot is still most unhappy with weight bearing.


You can go to the RSD Association website to learn more about RSD or CRPS. The main stay of treatment is rehabilitation/physical therapy. If unable to perform, then pain management interventions are in order. Early intervention is important as well as seeing a center that specializes in the treatment of CRPS (such as University Hospitals of Cleveland or the Cleveland Clinic).

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