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Pulmonary Hypertension

Pulmonary hypertension



I have a very rare conditionj. I have ph caused by rheumatoid arthritis. From what I understand ph is rare. Ph with RA is even more rare. The even more rare thing is that mine was cought early. The hard thing for me is that doctors don`t have any information about this because it is so rare. It was caught early so right now I have no symptoms so we are just doing tests to keep an eye on it. They don`t think that treating it at this satge would help and because of the side effects of the drugs. My doctor have only seen it when it is in the later stages and severe. So they realy don`t know what to do about me. Is there any research on going about people the same as me and any results?


You do not state how the PH was diagnosed. There can be many causes of elevated pressures in the pulmonary artery (PH) even in a patient with RA. Whether to treat or not depends on how high the pressures are and what is causing them.

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Namita   Sood, MD, FCCP Namita Sood, MD, FCCP
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