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Bruised fingers after wrist fracture



I suffered a Colles fracture a week ago and had surgery to set the bone three days later. Since the surgery (four days ago), the base of my fingers are a dark purple, bruised color. The tips of my fingers are a normal color. I suspect that this bruising is a result of the trauma/surgery, but I want to make sure the cast is not too tight. Should I expect bruising in my fingers after this kind of fracture? How tight should the cast feel around my hand? Thank you.


Bruising is normal following surgery. You will know the cast is too tight if you have numbness, tingling, or extreme cold in your fingers. If you experience this, then contact your surgeon.

You may ice your hand to help reduce the bruising in the meantime. Make sure that when icing, you place a towel or cloth over your cast so that it doesn't get wet. Ice for 15-20 minutes.

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Kristen  Bretz, MS, ATC Kristen Bretz, MS, ATC
Physician Extender at The Sports Medicine Lewis Center
College of Medicine
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