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Timing after eating shellfish for symptoms



I ate shrimp,and lobster,and oysters within a three week period more than I ever have. I have never had a problem with seafood before. I am 54 years old.Big Y had a sale on lobsters and they steamed them. I ate two of them. I had slight swelling mostly on the right side of my face and redness the next day. These symptoms slightly alleviated during the day but the next morning,were more so. By the third morning,were so striking my doctor prescribed prendisone. Is the timing relatable to my last eating of the lobster? My doctor did rule out seasonal floral allergies and bug bites and changes in medications.


Your symptoms appear to be related to adverse food reactions. You should consult an allergist to determine if these were food allergic reactions.

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I Leonard Bernstein, MD I Leonard Bernstein, MD
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University of Cincinnati