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Iron level too high?



I just received a letter in the mail from a specialist that I just saw last week stating that my blood work is abnormal. I am 37 yrs. old and I have been having troubles with sickness since I was 19. Was diagnosed at 19 with Lupus and Arthritis. My iron level is @ 234. Is this high for my age? Should I be concerned with Hemochromatosis? They never really could clarify (with bloodwork..it did not show) that I have Lupus or arthritis.


Subsequent evaluation for a high iron level could include repeating the study just to make sure it is accurate. We also would check a ferritin and serum iron TIBC, and consideration could be made for genetic testing for hemochromatosis.

You need to talk with your primary care doctor to get the workup done and find out if that is contributing to part of your problem.

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