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Internal hives



My brother went to his doctor. His doctor said that he has internal hives. He has a itching in his chest and his legs the stinging starts around his ankle and works it way to his knees and to his chest and goes to his shoulder, he had a red patch on his shoulder and face get red and starts stinging and has diffucult in breathing. When massage the chest it will go to another area. And has gone to his throat. When goes to bed the itching and burning stop, but starts back when he get up from bed the next day. The doctor gave him a medicine thats called gabapentin 400mg and the problem is still occuring and has a very soft bowel movement when going to toilet. One other thing he drinks a lot of soda pops about 5 to 10 a day (coke, sprite and mello yellow) He drinks very little water. What do you suggest?


The information you gave is not sufficient to give definitive advice. However, if symptoms persist, benefit may occur by consultation with an allergist.

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