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Digestive Disorders

Hiatal Hernia with Anemia



My Doctor has found me to be severly anemic and unable to absorb iron through my G.I.system. My FE reading was (1) the first time and (2) a month and a half after five iron infusions. She said I have a large hiatal hernia that seems to be responsible for some of my blood loss. Could the hernia also be responsible for my inability to absorb iron? I`m 52 so it is not associated with monthly menstration. Thank you for any anwsers you can give me.


Large hiatael hernias have been associated with Fe deficiency anemia generally due to associated blood loss from gastritis or an ulceration often called a "Cameron ulcer".

The poor absorption of iron (Fe) is not directly related to a hiatal hernia but there are other GI conditions that can cause poor iron (Fe) absorption.

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