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Kidney Diseases

High BUN & Creatinine Levels



I am 19. I have been on a high protein diet for the last few months. 2 months back I got a blood test done which showed high BUN levels of 50mg/dl and creatinine of 1.2 mg/dl . Also from a week i have been urinating a bit more frequently. I wake up about 2 times during my sleep to urinate, each time about 4 hours apart. Is this a sign of kidney problems? Thank you.


I wish I could give you a simple yes or no answer. A creatinine of 1.2 could represent abnormal kidney function. So this must be investigated further. Frequent urination could be a sign of kidney problems. If you drink a lot of fluid at bedtime this could result in waking up to urinate. Your blood sugars, if elevated can cause increased urine output, so you will need to be checked for diabetes. Please review this with your doctor.

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