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Quantity of food.



my husband is 27 and 6 months back he was diagnosed with diabetes. he has since then been taking medicine and his sugar levels are under control now. he has a tendency to eat more. i mean, where i eat 2-3 rotis he prefers to eat 5-6. i am a little worried on this habit of his. i advice him to eat more during daytime and cut down on his food intake during night times. am i right in restricting his food intake during night or should he eat very limited food during day time also??

p.s - whenever i advice him to eat less he says he feels hungry after 2-3 hours so he prefers eating more. Please advice as to what amount of food he should be consuming. if possible please provide me a chart of DO`s and DONT;s and also a quantity chart


My best advice is to encourage you to seek out a dietician certified diabetes educator.  The information you seek is best individualized to each person's level of understanding and preferences to arrive at a plan which will achieve the desired objectives.  If you live in or near Ohio, you can use the NetWellness health provider referral system.  Otherwise, contact a health care provider or health department in your own area.   Good luck!

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