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Dental Anesthesia

should i go to the emergency room?



I had a back molar extracted and I believe carbocaine was used. When it first numbed me, i paniced and felt like I couldnt breath or swallow. After a few minutes I was fine. The procedure went well and I have had no pain or excessive bleeding. Today I started having what feels like a panic attack. I have to keep swallowing to make sure I can. My breathing and vs seem okay but I am afraid they may become affected. It feels like my throat is swelling shut but i can still swallow. I get okay for awhile and then it starts again. I am afraid to try to go to sleep. I have taken a xanax and it has helped some but not completely. My dentist has not called back yet since I paged him. Please help.


 Thank you for visiting NetWellness. Please note, NetWellness is not an emergency service, and your question will not be assigned to one of our experts. Your local dentist should have an emergency contact procedure. Please do not hesitate to call him/her, your primary care provider, or your local emergency room should you feel that you need immediate care.

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