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Arthritis and Rheumatism

Severe Knee Pain of Both Legs



I am a 32yr old man having pain on both knees since 8 months.The severity of pain varies, and it decreases on rest and usually increases more on standing position and on climbing stairs. I also noticed that the hair on my knees has reduced since this and almost has become absent. There is no redness or swelling or change in temperature is noticed seen during the pains. Mild crepitations are also heard on bending the knees. I have a history of cervical spondilitis with disc prolapse which however is under control and not taking any medication and no history of diabetes or blood pressure. I have a bit short stature so I wear shoes with slight heels recently. I consulted a physician but he just gave me pain killers and only got temporary relief. Should I see a specialist and what type?


It would be reasonable to visit a physician with an interest in musculoskeletal medicine. This could include primary care physicians with sports medicine backgrounds, orthopaedists, or rheumatologists.

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Raymond  Hong, MD, MBA, FACR Raymond Hong, MD, MBA, FACR
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