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Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders

Mastoid fluid?



I just had an mri and the radiologist report says "There is a small amount of asymmetrical unenhancing fluid in the inferior aspect of the left mastoid sinus. I am 53 , been having left ear problems for ever. Always thought it was TMJ, the mri was to check for parotid tumors of which it looked like maybe a tiny 3mm but it could also be a lymph node. Swelling under ear when I chewed, one day the side of my face swelled along jawbone, it has all settled down. Also I get pain deep in my ear that comes and goes thruout the day. Recently diagnosed with a posterior parietal lobe meningioma too. Should I be concerned with fluid in the mastoid at my age???? Thank you,


The mastoid findings are consistent with a recent left ear infection or chronic problems with ventilation of the left middle ear and mastoid cavity. An evaluation by an ENT physician who specifically works with ear disease would be helpful.

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Lee   Zimmer, MD Lee Zimmer, MD
Assistant Professor or Otolaryngology, Director of Endoscopic Cranial Base Center
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati