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Pain Management

Pain in lower back and abdomen



It started with pain, what felt like, in my left ovary or somewhere in my lower abdomen. Then a few hours later my left lower back started hurting. It`s too low to be my kidneys. I know where that pain occurs because I`ve had kidney infections before. Could it be that "Toxic Sydrom" females can get in their uterus? I know you can get that from keeping tampons in too long, but I don`t even use tampons. Or what could it be?


Thank you for the question. I am not sure I can give the proper answer at this time without more information. I advise you to see your primary care physician to try to figure out the source of the pain (back vs. abdomen). Thanks.

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Hammam  Akbik, MD, FIPP Hammam Akbik, MD, FIPP
Formerly, Assistant Professor of Anesthesia
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati