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I`m 44 years old with long-standing Crohn`s Disease, which is well controlled on Humira. My next annual gynecological exam is scheduled for October. My next six-month check-up with my GI is scheduled for September. I`m experiencing recurring nausea. Is it possible that the fluctuations of peri-menopause can cause a woman to experience this nausea throughout the month? I have only mild stricturing pain in the small bowel due to stricturing (I`m familiar with severe partial obstructive pain, which this isn`t). As this continues, I`m suspecting it`s part of perimenopause and not Crohn`s related. If this continues, which doctor would you recommend I call? Thank you.


While nausea is not generally a symptom of perimenopause, I am sure it could happen. At 44 y/o it seems a bit early for perimenopausal symptoms. They usually start at about 48-51 a few years before menopause. Given your Crohn's Disease, I would consult your GI first.

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