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I just recently had an appointment with my ophthalmologist. I have a small bump, that I`ve had for over a year, on the bottom of my eye on the edge where women usually put their eye liner. The doctor said it was probably just a papilloma and he would monitor it. Nothing has changed but if you had a papilloma on your eye does that mean you have HPV? And if it`s in the eye that is an entirely different case then genital HPV, am I correct? I heard papilloma and instantly thought HPV. The doctor said it doesn`t look cancerous so there should be no need to go to my OBGYN, correct? Past Pap smears have come back normal.


Papilloma refers to a projection of epithelium on the skin. It doesn't necessarily refer to HPV. HPV causes a specific type of papilloma that is confined to the genital tract. As long as your Paps are normal, these papilliomas do not signal any other risks.

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