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Still penicillin allergy?



I got tested for penicillan allergy 2 years ago since its been on my medical file for years.No idea of why.Anyways i suffer from a bladder infection and all other drugs i took for it gave me bad side eefects,such as palpations and mood changes.

So dr sent me to get tested for penicillan.The test came back negative with a prick test and a blood test..

I was perscribed penicillan again and this time i took it..One dose of 500mg...So after a bout a couple of hrs i felt very anxious on it,and couldnt sleep and as the hrs went on felt like i was severly aggitated,and then my palm started getting itchy.I called the pharmacist and he told em to stop takin it and to contact my Dr.I told her and she kinda blew it off as my nerves,since i do suffer from anxiety,but i told her this was like amplified to the max.Anyways my concern was the itching mainly,it was intense on one spot on my palm.IS it possible to still be allergic even tho i tested negative.I feel hopless cos ive had this bladder infection goin on 4 years and its now causing other problems in my body.Thank u if u respond!!


Based on the testing you had it is still possible you could be sensitized to minor determinants of penicillin as you were probably only likely tested to the major metabolites.  I would recommend you contact an allergist who has access to both the major and minor determinants for testing (The University of Cincinnati has these reagents).  There are well established protocols to determine whether or not you can safely tolerate penicillin or penicillin metabolites. 

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