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Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders

Swollen tonsils



My 4 year old has had enlarged tonsils for about a year now and her pediatrician has shown concern, but seems to think it is allergies and has her on allergy medicine. She has now began choking occasionally when she eats and her tonsils have also bleed when she has screamed during a fit. I checked her tonsils today and she has a small opening to swallow b/c her tonsils are so enlarged, but says she has no pain at all. I am not exacly sure about her pediatricians diagnoses and was wondering if this could be caused from something else going on. She is almost 5 and about the size of a 2-3 year old and concerned that maybe something besides alleriges could be the issue. Any information would be helpful.


It sounds like she may need her tonsils and adenoids out. It would be unlikely allergies are the cause. I would discuss with an ENT doctor.

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Charles Monroe Myer III, MD Charles Monroe Myer III, MD
Professor of Otolaryngology
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati