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Urinary Disorders

Causes For White Blood Cells in Urine?



I have had several "UTIs". The tests come back with trace amounts of white blood cells, but no nitrates. They always culture it and it comes back "normal." I`ve seen a urologist and had scans and tests galore, and he said everything is "normal." Yet I continually get UTI like symptoms and have white blood cells in my urine. What else could this be? A side note is I also have hypoglycemia, fatigue, early stages of emphysema as diagnosed by a lung scan (which I believe was brought on by smoking in the past), and anxiety issues...but I am otherwise healthy. I exercise 4-5 times a week, I am 130 pounds and 5`6". I no longer smoke and I try to eat healthy. Hope all this info helps. Thank you.


Persitant UTIs can come from unresolved (inadaquately treated) UTIs or reinfection of the urine. Some patients need to take low doses of an antibiotic daily or only at specific times, for instance during sexual activity. It might also be advantagous for you to get a second opinion from another urologist.

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Marc F Cymes, PA Marc F Cymes, PA
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