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Mouth Diseases

Ongoing Mouth Problems



I have two bumps on the top of my lips that are increasing in size, also have the cracked corners of my mouth, my gums hurt all the time. I only take my dentures out to clean them. This whole problem has affected my eating and made me miserable. I take a lot of medicines. My iron and Vitamin D were very low and I have had iron infusions and taken vitamin D to bring them up to normal. I also take comadin, I have a St. Jude aortic heart valve. Who do I see for this problem? My primary care or denist? Thanks for any help Oh I always have white stuff in the corners of my mouth


Although they may be related, it is possible that the bumps and the cracked corners of your mouth represent 2 separate issues. The cracked corners with associated white stuff sounds like you may be suffering from the condition known as angular cheilitis. It is likely caused by the slow wearing away of your denture teeth over years of chewing that now forces you to bring you jaws closer and closer together to make your dentures meet. This "overclosure" causes a deepening of the fold at the corners of your mouth. Since this folded skin also stays wet from your saliva, it creates a nice moist home for bugs from both your skin and from your mouth to grow. This chronic infection is visible as cracking, reddening and occasionally whitish change of the corners as you describe.

A denture problem is best addressed with your dentist. At that time, it would be reasonable to also have the two bumps examined and determine if they also are the result of your dentures.

Good luck!

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John R Kalmar, DMD, PhD John R Kalmar, DMD, PhD
Clinical Professor of Pathology
College of Dentistry
The Ohio State University