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Root Canals

Do I really need a root canal?



On the basis of xrays, my dentist reccomends I have a root canal on one tooth. The x-rays (the new digital kind) show a faint gray area surrounding the root of the tooth. He thinks I should be experiencing a great deal of pain; however, there is no pain, no swelling, and not even any sensitivity around this tooth. Could this condition be temporary? Does it really require a root canal? I will be seeing an Endodontist about this. What questions should I ask him?


Please see the previously answered questions below. 

In response to what questions should you ask your endodontist....you can ask him/her if the root canal is necessary and why or why not? I wouldn't be too concerned about coming up with a list of questions. I would just make sure you give as much history as you can regarding previous symptoms or dental treatment in the area. Endodontists are specialists trained to make the determination if a root canal is necessary; they will guide you in the right direction. Just ask for clarification if you don't understand what he/she is telling you. 

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Melissa McCartney Drum, DDS, MS Melissa McCartney Drum, DDS, MS
Assistant Professor of Endodontics
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