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Diet aids and diabetic medicines



Can you take the diet aid, "apidexin" with any diabetic medicines? and if so, what might be the side effects?. I am taking Glipizide, metforman,81 mg.asprin,atenolol,cozar...all considered borderline.

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I was not familiar with "apidexin" and looked it up on several web sites.  Unfortunately, it has proprietary names on its various components and does not give chemical names so it is impossible to tell what this contains.  For that reason, I really cannot comment on its safety with or without diabetes medications.  That is a general problem with many products sold with metabolic claims but designed in such a way that they can escape Food and Drug Administration regulation of drugs.  It is rare for products in that category to have been subjected to controlled clinical trials that have been reviewed by scientists knowledgeable in the area (the technical term is "subjected to peer review").  Hence, the purchaser of these products has essentially nothing objective to go on as to either the effectiveness or safety of the product.   Likewise, there is no basis then for knowing whether you can trust the testimonials to the product whether on the seller's website or advertising or on another web site that appears to be objective but for which you have no means of verifying the objectivity of the assessment.  I hope that is helpful.

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Robert M Cohen, MD Robert M Cohen, MD
Professor of Clinical Medicine
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati