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Cloudy urine 3.5 yr old



I first noticed my daughter had cloudy urine 6 months ago. Doctor tested urine showed no UTI. Doctor said it must be something she is eating. So I have written everything down and then noted when urine is cloudy. I can not find any relation. Urine is fine for up to 2-5 days, then we get a cloudy one. It can be anytime of the day, but mostly 1st morining sample. She also has a thrush like rash around her bottom and vagina, treated with canesten cream and probotics. Cleared up but came back as soon as I dropped off cream and probotics.

Have been back to doctor and had urine re-tested, no sign of anything. Doctor said to forget about it. This is hard to do as she keeps having cloudy urine, I even notice it in the toilet, it is that cloudy. I got some reagent test strips the only thing they show is trace leucoctyes. Should I go back to the doctor? She already thinks I am over the top. Or is it better just to forget about it? Please help me I am a wreck.


Thank you very much for the question. Certainly, urine with a cloudy appearance is often caused by a urinary tract infection. Given that your PCP has tested the urine and found no bacteria, it could be that your daughter has a non-infectious urethritis. Sometimes this can be caused by using bubble baths or creams applied to the vaginal area. Other conditions, like vaginal adhesions, can also cause dysuria or cloudy urine. You should probably talk to your child's pediatrician about potential causes.

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Stephen E Wilson, MD, MSc Stephen E Wilson, MD, MSc
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