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Chronic idiopathic angioedema



I have been diagnosed with Chronic Idiopathic Angioedema. I have had this about 7yrs. It has a sudden onset, my eyes, face aand throat swells. I get a red area on the front of my throat, swelling, raspy voice and sometimes I slur what words I can form. My face becomes extremely red and will welt. My arms, legs and chest are the same way. I have been on vospire, colchicine, prednisone, and a host of anti-histamines. I have been to Ohio State, Cleveland Clinic, allergist, dermatologist and internal med. No reasons have been found, but I seem to be getting worse instead of better. I have an autoimmune problem and Hashimotoes thyroiditis and sjogerns. Any suggestions as to new meds I might try or any other treatment. I`m afraid I won`t be able to get my epi-pen soon enough because my episodes are so severe. Any help will be appreciated.


It is difficult to advise you further without knowing the details of your evaluation There are unusual forms of this serious problem and all of them should be pursued. Your primary care doctor should determine if additional opinions would be helpful.

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