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Athletic Training

Proximal Bicep Tendon Rupture



I have been diagnosed as having a proximal bicep tendon rupture. I am 61 years old and was advised not to have it repaired. I take a Kave Maga self defense class. I would like to know if it is ok to continue this class. I know there are no guaratees in life.


As with anything, you have to weigh the risk to benefit. With a proximal rupture, you are indeed able to continue your daily activities (I assume). The surrounding musculature will help facilitate most motions. Depending on the frequency of the class and intensity, you should be able to gauge if you are aggravating your condition. Traditional signs of inflammation are pain, swelling, redness and or decreased range of motion. If these are present currently and or after mild activity, you may have to modify your activities.

Depending on the time frame and nature of your initial injury, I would discuss this with your physician (be sure to have detailed information on your class with you). Good luck.

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Alex K Wong, MS, ATC Alex K Wong, MS, ATC
Assistant Athletic Lecturer & Trainer
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University