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Mental Health

New Mental Disorder



Im a teenager who used to have depression. I`ve havn`t had depression symptoms in years. But the thing is i remember when i did have depression i almost wanted it as a desire for attension only and it escilated to become something horrible. I`m almost feeling the same thing again. Latley I`ve been having troble again. Its started again with the need for attension again. but now im having scared thoughts of what i acutally want and now im beingvery paranoid and very hatefull and having a very hard time organizing my thoughts and words. The thing that almost scares me the most is i sometimes twitch or contort my body. I can almost feel like i can stop myself from doing these things but i wont. Most if not all these things ive said i feel like I can control but i wont.


Given what you are describing, you may be in the midst of an episode of depression, although a diagnosis can only be made by a clinician who has evaluated you. Depression can affect your emotional and physical well being, and I recommend that you see a psychiatrist as soon as possible to correctly assess what is going on with you and start you on the right course of treatment.

It certainly looks like you are suffering and treatment can help you feel better.

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