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Pulmonary Hypertension

Echo Results-Pulmonary Hypertension



Just got my echo results from my PCP and I don`t know if I should seek further advise. She gave me antibiotics to take before dental work or other procedures and, said to have a follow up echo in 6mo to a year. I looked up he stuff in the report and kinda freaked out. I all ready have panic attacks. Here is my Resting Echocardiogram report: M Mode measurements LVD 50 LVS 33 LA 35 AO 29 RVD no reading or value for this one? FS 33 IVS6 PW 8 Left Ven ejection fraction 62% Normal wall thickness LV Moderate mitral regurgitation 2+ mod severe tricuspid regurgitation 3+ Mild pulmonary hypertension All valves morphologically normal Calculated pulmonary systolic pressure of between 45 & 50

Should I see a specialists right now, or is my Dr doing the best with a follow echo in 6 mo and antibiotics for procedures? I do have a stress test on 10-2-09. Not sure if that would add more to the picture.

Thank you so much for your time.


You do not state why the echo was done. Were you having symptoms or other health problems that were being addressed? You should discuss the echo in detail with your PCP. She/he would be able to put the findings in the right context and decide if you need to see a specialist.

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