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Breast Cancer

New calcium deposit



I am 64 years old and a second mamogram. The dr gave me the results That he was on the fence about the results. First he said that he would be Ok if I would like to follow up in 6 months. Then he started talking about a bisopy. I have lost 30 pounds in the last three months. I ask him if that would have any thing to do with it He said no. My gut tell me to wait 3 months and have a follow up.He said that it was new Waiting for your answer Thanks


Usually the radiologist that reads the mammogram makes a recommendation about follow-up (in 6 months) or an immediate biopsy, based on the findings. Following that recommendation is usually reasonable, if the film was read at a good facility. Weight loss that is rapid and unexplained may need some investigation, separate from the new calcifications on the mammogram.

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