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Vascular Surgery

Foot swelling and fever



I am male, 26, in general good health. My day job (welding) requires constant standing, which gives me no discomfort. For the last several years I have worked the county fair as a popcorn vendor. The fair typically lasts 3-5 days. By the end of the second day, I have develped severe swelling in both feet and fever, sometimes as high as 104. In the past I was diagnosed with a celluose infection and hospitalized for the administration of IV antibiotics. Other years, I have done nothing to treat the syptoms. The result is always the same -- the condition resolves in a few days, although last year I ended up with a discoloration on the bridge of my foot that took months to fade. I`ve never had any other problems with my feet. Could this possibly be an allergic reaction? Is that a specialist that I could consult who might know about these types of issues?


Hello. This sounds very typical for venous insufficiency meaning weakness in the valves of the veins which is what leads to varicose veins. You don’t need to see veins on your legs to know have vein valve problems. Try using a pair of support stockings to help with the swelling and ask your physician to consider an ultrasound to look at the valves in your veins. Good luck!

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