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Sports Medicine

Yanked wrist while gripping something



Hi. - 2 days ago I was surf kayaking and was using a paddle leash which is a tether between the kayak and the paddle. I took a spill in the waves, held onto the paddle, and the paddle was pulled very hard but I held on. I immediately felt a pain - almost like an electric shock - in my elbow wrist, hand and elbow - almost like when you hit your funny bone.

Within 10 minutes my wrist swelled, and the next day was still swollen and black and blue. Is not painful, but I can feel something...if 1 is no pain this would only be a 2-3. Full movement, but I feel a clicking when I rotate my wrist. Does not hurt when I push on it. From what I have read, you often will not feel the adverse effects of wrist injuries for several years.

wondering if I should wait or get professional opinion right away? THANK YOU


A pulling force on your wrist can cause a sprain or subluxation.  Typically this kind of injury will heal with rest and ice.  It should feel better over the next two weeks.  However, it is a good idea to follow up with your doctor, because proper treatment now can help decrease problems in the future.

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