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Athletic Training

Popping in My Elbow?



I am a healthy 18 year old, when i bend and flex my arm it pops everytime. When i do push ups it pops everytime. Its not painful but it can get a annoying. Im just looking for any answers. Thank You


The elbow normally does not pop or crack when you bend or straighten it. Usually this indicates some type of problem. This popping may be caused from several things. The two most common that I am aware of are either a loose body in the joint or the ulnar nerve can "slip" out of the groove. A loose body usually has pain associated with it. The nerve may not. Without pain, I think it becomes an issue of activity.

Because the popping can come from different problems of varying severity, I would suggest you get it checked out by your family doctor or an orthopedist. Better to be proactive and have it looked at before it becomes a bigger problem.

Hope this information helps. Best of luck!

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Katrina B Stibel, MA, ATC Katrina B Stibel, MA, ATC
Assistant Athletic Trainer, Instructor
Department of Athletics
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University