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Mouth Diseases

Gagging Spasms



I need help!!!! I am a 47 year old male, i have had continuing gagging spasms that have gotten worse over the last 14 months and i now cannot function on a day to day basis. if i talk, swallow, sing, yawn, or exercise i have problems. I also have difficulty swallowing, and have been getting very nausaus. i have had a endoscopy about 6 months ago as well as a barium swallow. I also have continual mucous that i swallow. i have been to the throat doctor 6 times, on all sprays and allergy meds as well as all reflux meds for the last 6 yeasr with nothing making a difference. I have had a lung xray, sinus catscan, and nobody has answers. i am on remeron, aciphex, and some allergy meds with xanax as needed. nobody has answers and the gaging is getting where it lasts for minutes or even hours where i have to stay perfectly still and wait till it gets better. it litterally feels like someone is tickling or touching my gag reflex all the time. there are more symptoms with the neck but thats the gist of what is happening. my gi doctor has given up. where can i go for immediate help. i am a school psychologist and i cant do my job with any regularity anymore. Thanks


This is a tough problem and may need the assistance of a Neurologist, Physical Medicine person and someone well-versed in Dysphagia complications like a speech pathologist hooked up to a Rehab Physical Medicine facility (Swallowing problems). The increased salivation and mucoid saliva may be a neuromuscular dysfunction problem and not directly related to the saliva composition or over- expression of saliva. That is why I suggest that you contact the above specialties to evaluate your symptoms.

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