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Dental Hygiene

Digital Sensors



Can you take a panoramic image of the mouth with a digital sensor? What are its advantages and disadvantages?


Panoramic x-ray machines can be either digital where the radiographic image is captured on a computer or the traditional panoramic x-ray machine that captures the radiographic image on film.
The advantages of having a digital panoramic image includes superior gray scale resolution, reduced patient exposure to the x-rays, increased speed of viewing the image therefore lower equipment processing solutions, film processors and film costs, increased time efficiency, improved patient education and the option to enhance or colorize the diagnostic visibility of the image. The disadvantages of a digital panoramic x-ray machine includes the high initial setup costs of the digital system.

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Constance R Kuntupis, RDH, MA Constance R Kuntupis, RDH, MA
Clinical Associate Professor of Dental Radiology
College of Dentistry
The Ohio State University