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Pancreatic Cancer

Concern of PC



Hello I emailed you back in feb. I have had upper left sided pains and some mid center burning since feb. 2 yrs prior I was diagnosed with gerd which I was never able to really get under control I know think its been my pancreas the whole time. It was dtermined in feb my pains were due to pancreas inflammation as my lipase was slightly elevated however my ca 19 was as well. My dad died of pancan so my dr prior to feb ran this test as routine. In aug it was 42 (37 is high normal), in jan 37 and in feb when the pains started it was at 66 then went to 55 a few wks later. My lipase had remained elevated too. In feb I had a ct then eus which was clear. In may I had an MRI and mrcp which was clear. The thing is I am still having these pains and malabsorption. I fear its pancan and that it has been missed on these past imaging devices. Should I continue getting scans in case it is pc?


Have you seen a pancreas specialist? The CA 19-9 can be falsely elevated with any pancreas inflammation. Have they figured out why your pancreas is inflamed? A common cause is gallstone disease, you should have evaluation of your gallbladder to make sure this is not the cause.

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Syed A Ahmad, MD Syed A Ahmad, MD
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