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Eye and Vision Care

Blind America



Well I am 24 yrs old(african Amer), I used to use cocaine, exstacy,and Aderole for 3 yrs when I was Younger. I now have these Blue grey rings around my iris. DOes this mean I am going blind? I have only seen this in Older people or Diabetic patients. Which both of those have been ruled out.Is there any thing that can fix that. I am very insecure about people looking at me in my eyes. I have 2 beautiful boys and I would give any thing in this world to be able to see them visually get older before my eyes. I dnt have insurance. This is eating me up! I totally regret every thing I have done in my past. When I was pregnant and had medicade the doctor said is was not catarat. But the Ring is around the Brown colored part of my eye. Please help. Sorry for righting a book. I am so scared of going blind by the time I am 40


I can not give you a diagnosis without having examined you, but what you describe sounds like corneal arcus. Like you stated, this is common in older patients. However, when it occurs in someone as young as yourself, it can be an indication that cholesterol levels are too high. Although corneal arcus does not affect vision, high cholesterol levels can lead to early heart disease as well as other problems.

I recommend that you visit your doctor, discuss your concerns, and request that blood work be performed.

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Andrew J Toole, OD, PhD, FAAO
Clinical Assistant Professor of Optometry
College of Optometry
The Ohio State University