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Angioedema-can it come on by illness?



I`ve read the majority of times, angioderma is allergy-related. But can it also appear from a recent illness or if immune system is compromised by HPV? I`m a 60y old female who has never had hives of any kind. Just recently been diagnosed with high risk HPV and dysplasia. Last week got the flu (fever, congestion, body aches, etc.) - yesterday woke up with severe eye swelling and then welts appeared on my arms and armpits. A friend said I had hives. They were not red like I`ve seen. Read about angioderma. Took Benadryl and better today but tonight they re-appeared on arms (big welts but luckily not the eyes - yet!). I`ve not taken or eaten anything different. Wondered if my immune system is compromised by having HPV. Can angioderma be caused by having the flu? I also had a crown procedure done at the dentist this past week. Should I wait to see an allergist and see if I have more outbreaks or do you think this is a one-time thing? Thanks!


From your history the swellings are most likely associated with the recent viral infection. It is unlikely that HPV is involved. If lesions persist for several weeks, consultation is warranted.

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