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Breast Cancer

Fibroglandular densities



I have had 2 cyst removals surgeries due to do adh , 1 being about the size of 1/2 of a golf ball, 2nd one a year ago and it was about the size of 1 and 1/2 golball, the cells had pre-cancer cells in them that is why so much was remove, i was then sent to an oncolgist andput on Evista, i jhad a mamo in april and was again looked abnormal so they waited until August and repeated, the results were sent to me by the radiologist (Dr. lost his copy and still hasn`t even told me what next) I received mine from the radiologist and it says,the same thing, do i need to contact my surgeon myself since my dr. seems like a idiot or do you think i may be overreacting??


The care plan depends on exactly what abnormal means.  Sometimes, an abnormal mammogram just means that they see something that is likely benign, and they want to repeat the film in 6 months.  Sometimes, abnormal means that biopsy should be performed.  I certainly think it would be reasonable to contact your surgeon to discuss the results and determine what is needed.

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Doreen M Agnese, MD Doreen M Agnese, MD
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