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Kidney Diseases

To Stent or Not



I am 72 yrs.old, have exercised throughout life, have normal weight, never smoked or drank, have eaten mostly healthy. I am being treated successfully for hypothyroidism, GERD, and hypertension. I had a kidney stone treated with lithotripsy, later my kidney showed damage. I now have renal stenosis. I keep a low RBC, which my doctor doesn`t feel needs treatment. I was diagnosed with diabetes 2yrs. ago, for which I take no meds. My A1C is 6.3. I have begun to feel very tired. My Microalbumin/Creatine ratio is 36.9 which is up from last 6 months. I do not want to damage my kidney any further, I am considering a stent. My dr. has mentioned that a stent would open up the vessel and supply more blood to my kidney. I also have Coraid Artery stenosis, which has not been treated. Would a stent delay more damage to my kidney?


I don't have enough information to give a yes/no answer. These are complex cases and I would need to know your BP, the renal sizes, and your current level of kidney function. A list of meds and a stone diagnosis may be of help. Do you still have kidney stones?

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